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Classic Cup - BIOpads
Menstrual Cup & Disc
Menstrual Cup & Disc

Menstrual Cup & Disc

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Embrace comfort and eco-friendliness as it provides leak-free protection, long-lasting wear, and the freedom to move confidently during your period. Say goodbye to disposables and hello to a healthier, sustainable choice. Make the switch today and redefine your period experience.


100% Medical grade silicone

10 years duration

12 hour use


  • Size S: if you have never give birth naturally
  • Size L: after a natural childbirth
Free Shipping Buy in installments with PayPal
Free Shipping Buy in installments with PayPal

🌱 During its 10 year useful life, one cup saves 3000 disponsable products.

Yes, menstrual cup is a safe product.

It is safe to use the cup with an UID. But it is important that you know how to use the menstrual cup correctly. You can use a menstrual cup if you have an UID. Still, studies suggest that women who used a menstrual cup had a higher rate of UID dislodgement than women who used tampons or pads. Although this is a personal choice, we recommend that you talk to your doctor first. Let's say you want to use the cup and you have an UID inserted. In that case, we recommend waiting three months after the UID insertion (to allow it to settle). It is also a good idea to cut the threads. Always be sure to break the suction completely before you start removing the cup.

oxic shock syndrome is a disease that affects both men and women, and is not only associated with the use of tampons.

Although it is a rare disease, there are several risks that can lead to the appearance of the toxic bacteria that cause it.

These are the most common causes: having recently given birth, staphylococcal infection, use of tampons during period, recent surgery, wound infection, using a nasal packing to treat bleeding, UID and tampon use at the same time

The guideline of removing and emptying the cup every 12 hours is precisely to avoid any possibility.

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I am very happy with my purchase.


Thank you very much for taking care of me so well, it's a pleasure:)


The attention of the girls who work there is very good, they give you a lot of advice although the information on the website is quite clear but in case of doubts it never hurts. The products are well priced considering the quality of the materials and how long they last.


Great value for money. Satisfied, so much so that I bought them again.


I liked it very much, comfort and safety in a high quality product. Delighted and advising my friends to change and try these products. 🙏 we will continue buying 🌻🌻🌻