We are different. In everything. 

We don't follow set rules, we don't believe in the rules we've been told. We follow our own standards and truth. 

What do we want to achieve at BIOpads? 

To help women to live their natural and cyclical processes in a simpler and more conscious way for themselves and their bodies, taking as a fundamental basis to reduce the environmental footprint.

What do we offer?

Currently our product lines are:
· absorbent panties
· reusable pads
· menstrual cups

Who are we?

We are an international team of women and men of all ages and races. Above all we are fans of equality, practicality and realism. 

What do we want to achieve as a company? 

We want to get involved, we want to tell the truth, we want to provide information and education. 
We want to rebel against the unwritten rules for business and be honest and transparent. 
We believe that in the 21st century we are the ones who really have the capacity to change things.