Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads
Size M - BIOpads

Size M

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Elevate your feminine care routine with washable pads. Ideal for periods, incontinence, postpartum, and daily wear, these pads provide all-day comfort and safety. Simply toss them in the washing machine for a convenient refresh.



Extra comfortable

Super absorbent

Anti-bacterial fabric

Your comfort comes first:

  • Absorb 3 times more than a disposable pad, up to 12 hours.
  • Keep your freshness: Super breathable, no moisture.
  • Softness for sensitive skin: Forget about allergies and chafing.
  • Smart savings: Up to 5 years of durability.
  • No limits: Perfect for sports and restful sleep.
  • Hassle-free care: Wash with your regular clothes.
Free Shipping 14 days returns Buy in installments with PayPal
Free Shipping 14 days returns Buy in installments with PayPal

how it works

4 layer technology

Revolutionize your period care with BIOpads washable pads. Say goodbye to traditional pads and tampons, as our advanced 4-layer technology takes center stage:

  • Breathable Barrier: The first layer promotes airflow, ensuring quick ventilation to the inner layers.
  • Absorption Powerhouses: The two inner layers excel at capturing and locking away your flow securely.
  • Anti-Leak Assurance: The final layer, built with anti-leak fabric, guarantees worry-free protection.


Our fabrics prevent the growth of bacteria and odors for safe, dry and clean protection for 12 hours.

🌱 During its 5 year useful life, each washable pad saves 150 disposable products.

They are hygienic and odor-free.

The unpleasant odor of blood you have previously experienced is caused by the use of plastics and scents containing in single-use products.

Rapid absorption technology in the absorbent area's first layer transfers blood to the inner layers. Inner layers are also made of cotton. As a result, it is completely safe for your skin.

We recommend changing your pads at least twice a day. So you use one pad during the day and another at night.

Remember not to use very hot water to wash the pads (it reduces absorbance capacity). Salt and tea tree essential oil can be added as natural antibacterials.


Give your day and night the comfort you deserve. One pad for day and one for night, so you'll always be safe.

  • Light flow: choose size S.
  • Moderate flow: choose size M.
  • Heavy flow: choose size L.

Discover the perfect balance with BIOpads. Taking care of yourself at every step.

The answer is personal. It depends on your flow, your day and your activities. Some enjoy almost all day, while others may prefer an extra change. We recommend exploring them at home first to find your perfect fit.

Discover the confidence of our washable pads, carefully designed to fit you. Simplify your routine: one pad for day, one for night.

  • Light flow: 1-3 drops.
  • Moderate flow: 2-5 drops.
  • Heavy flow: 3-7 drops

At BIOpads, we're with you every step of the way, making sure you feel comfortable and confident whatever the occasion.

Do you have a heavy flow? We've got you covered!

Opt for our size L pads. And if you want even more confidence, pair them with a menstrual cup for complete absorption. Your comfort is our priority at BIOpads.

When you feel that the edges of the pads are a little damp, it's time to change it. It's a sign that it's reaching its maximum capacity. At BIOpads, we give you the peace of mind of knowing when it's the right time for a change.

Your savings are automatic with BIOpads!

Just add your favorite products to the cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Your final price, including the discount, will be visible in the cart. It's that simple, that convenient. At BIOpads, we want your shopping experience to be as easy as it is convenient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews

They are fabulous! They don't leak. They fit well and are comfortable. They wash well and dry quickly. They don't cost a fortune.


These pads are very comfortable and much more absorbent than plastic pads. Definitely a change for the better in every way, because it also helps to protect the environment and saves money in the long run!


I've been using pads like this for 3 years now and I love them. I combine them with absorbent panties. They are easy to maintain, last a long time and don't get dirty. What I've realised is that it's good to have as many as you need for your whole cycle if you don't have time to wash them while you use them. I use, quickly pass a little water and leave them soaking to wash them all at once in the washing machine (it's easier for me). I use the medium-flow pads with the medium-flow pads during the day for the first two days (pads are easier to change when you're not at home), and the heavy period pads at night (no pad). It works very well for me! I haven't bought pads in 3 years! I hope it helps anyone who is trying it now. Best regards!


I was pleasantly surprised. Very pleasant to wear, very comfortable and very absorbent.


I bought them as a complement to the Cup and I am delighted, I am very calm, I have even used them the days before the period and the last days and phenomenal, they are very comfortable and you don't feel humidity or smell. Very very happy